"Stadium" (スタジアム)
A native of "Stadium"
Planetary Traits
Alternate Names スタジアム
Diameter Unknown
Music Unknown
Planet Impact N/A
Planetary Grouping Unknown
Inhabitant Traits
Population Unknown
Size (Height) Unknown
Archived Interactions

"Stadium" is a strange planet featured only in Meteos Mobile

Planetary DataEdit

"Stadium" is a planet appearing like a green soccer ball, or football. It does not have a known size, and is, as the name suggests, a stadium.

Further information currently being looked in to.


The inhabitants of "Stadium" appear a bit fishlike, having reddish hair, a beige face, and two big black eyes. They appear as wearing a blue sports jersey and puffy white shorts.

Further information currently being looked in to.

Meteos Mobile DataEdit


"Stadium" Gameplay, from Meteos Mobile

"Stadium" made its only appearance in Meteos Mobile, presumably as an unlockable planet, though it's method of unlocking is unknown at this time.

Stadium appears to, according to the image to the right, have experienced currently undetermined amounts of FireZapIron and Air. How it's physics worked in Mobile is not known at this time.


  • "Stadium"'s native is the only one to use more than two or three colors.
    • "Stadium"'s native as a whole looks out of place amongst the others, looking more like a drawn figure and less of a 2-D polygon, and having all colors touch, while all other native have different colors displayed as separate parts (besides Globin).

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