Asteroid is a planet found in Meteos Astro Blocks.

Meteos Astro Blocks DataEdit

Asteroid is the fourth planet encountered in Star Quest, after Mars. It is given a difficulty rating of three out of five stars in Survival mode.

Though Asteroid encounters blocks of all colors in Survival mode, it will only ever see red, yellow, green, blue and pink blocks in Star Quest. Asteroid also hosts the debut of the Rocket item. Gravity is a little heavier on Asteroid than it is on Mars, but it otherwise handles in the same way as usual. However, unlike Mars, an additional column is added, for a grand total of nine.

Asteroid is also home to the game's third set of puzzles.

Star Quest DataEdit

Asteroid features three unique stages; Shoot, Time, and Boss.

  •  Easy; Launch 125 blocks
  •  Normal; Launch 150 blocks
  •  Hard; Launch 175 blocks
  •  Easy; Launch 125 blocks in 2:20.
  •  Normal; Launch 140 blocks in 2:00.
  •  Hard; Launch 175 blocks in 1:50.



Boss Asteroid is the creature fought on this planet.

Boss Asteroid is the first boss to have access to any special capabilities, being able to teleport at will. Needless to say, during teleportation, Boss Asteroid is invulnerable to being hit with blocks. It will also periodically send down a row of seven Burnt Meteos. It also patrols the top of the screen at a slightly elevated pace compared to Boss Venus, and has more health. It's health will increase further depending on the difficulty set.

Upon defeat, the player will receive a Power Crystal.

If you notice that the boss is folding it's blades inward, that is a signal that it's about to teleport, so hold off launching blocks until it returns. The fight, otherwise, functions identically to the fight against Boss Venus, and should be treated similarly; avoid vertical ignitions, and make smart use of the items that fall; while Cross Bombs can be useful to help clean up a messy field, Rockets are your most powerful force against this boss, almost guaranteeing a five-wide ignition that has a good chance of hitting the boss.