The Chlorophylls are a planetary grouping consisting of Boggob and Wuud.

Grouping DataEdit

The theme of the Chlorophylls appears to be the abundance of plant life on both planets, which leads to an excess of Herb Meteos. The Chlorophylls serve as the upper of the two second groupings of Star Trip's Multi mode. The mission of this grouping is "Launch 200 Meteos or more!" which will let the player go to the Earth Lovers if the mission is completed successfully, while if the players chooses to after winning or fails the mission, the Mechatropoloids will be accessible.


As BoggobEdit

Boggob is at a bit of a disadvantage here, having overall lower capabilities than Wuud. SInce the main goal here is to launch Meteos, try to avoid getting Screen Clears until you have met the quota. After that, destroy Boggob as quickly as you can, which will leave you with as much time as possible to fight Wuud. Note that is is entirely possible for any of the planets here to destroy themselves on lower difficulties, so you might not have to fight Wuud at all. Other times, the planets will be destroyed too quickly, forcing you to go to the Bubblies group, though you can still recover and reach Rare Cultures.

As WuudEdit

Considering that Wuud functions sort of like a proto-Brabbit, meeting the launch goal of 200 shouldn't prove an issue. Be mindful of how fast you get the Meteos off the planet, however; too fast, and you'll destroy your opponents too quickly. Again, note that your adversaries might destroy themselves, especially on lower difficulties, but you can still return to the uppermost route from Mechatropoloids.