"The Darthvegans employed their technological knowledge to build a mobile base in which they wander through space."
Meteos Wars Planet Description
Nbg36 darthvega
A Darthvegan
Planetary Traits
Alternate Names ダースベガ (JP)
Diameter 1,800km (~1118.5 miles)
Planet Impact Tempest
Planetary Grouping N/A
Inhabitant Traits
Population ~9,000 Darthvegans
Size (Height) 240cm (~7ft, 10in)
Archived Interactions

Darthvega is a planet found only in Meteos Wars.

Planetary Data Edit

Darthvega is a large, octahedral space station, measuring at 18,000 kilometers in diameter, and is heavily armed. Warning: Approach and communicate with caution.

Inhabitants Edit

The Darthvegans are a red bipedal race of warmongers. They have two legs on their lower body, and a set of two large horns on either side of their cycloptic head. The Darthvegans' home planet is unknown in all regards, and they are known for having conquered several planets. Warning: The Darthvegans are the only race in the local group of planets currently not in a peace treaty with the rest of the planets, but rather an armistice.

Meteos Wars Data Edit

Darthvega made its first (and currently only) appearance in Meteos Wars, as Downloadable Content. It could be received by purchasing the Planet Pack.

Darthvega features equal, medium rates of Air, Fire, Dark and Iron, with lower rates of Glow. Darthvega has high launch power, very low gravity, and it's ignitions can cut through received Burnt Meteos with ease. However, there is a very specific catch; Darthvega has a very strict losing timer (as in, the time between when a column fills up to when the game declares a loss), clocking in at about a second. With this, the player must be very efficient during play, as if a column that has filled is not immediately taken care of, it will result in an easy victory for the opponent, which can be difficult when having to manage 9 columns. To counteract this, not only is Darthvega a fast and heavy hitter, it is also equipped with the Tempest Planet Impact, making dealing with more defensive planets a lot easier. Overall, Darthvega is a wise choice for an advanced player, due its fast attack speed and easy screen clears, but the player must play well, as to avoid any column filling up for very long.


  • Darthvega could be a possible shout-out to Star Wars, with Darthvega bearing a slight resemblance to the Death Star, and with a name similar to that of Darth Vader.

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