Dust Meteos are a pinkish-purple or gray color of Meteos, with its symbol being a ring. It tends to be associated with smog, particles, and, as the name states, dust. It is one of the rarest types of Meteos, and only appears in Meteos Wars.

List of Planets Featuring Dust Meteos (Meteos Wars only)Edit

Please keep in mind that, even if a planet does not have dust Meteos appear naturally, they can still have them appear if they are received from another planet.


  • Brabbit has the highest Dust concentration in Meteos Wars, with the runner up being Grannest.
  • Dust is represented as a Globinite on planet Meteo's Meteos design.
  • On the Meteos design assigned to planets with Gambit, Dust's icon is a bubbling vial, one of the icons for Poison Meteos from Meteos Online, implying that Dust replaced Poison.
  • Dust is the only Meteos type that does not have any fusion recipes involving it, due to the only game they appear in not having the fusion mechanic in the first place.