Earth is a planet found in Meteos Astro Blocks.

Meteos Astro Blocks DataEdit

Earth is the first planet encountered in Star Quest, and is the planet with the lowest difficulty rating in Survival.

During Star Quest, Earth only ever sees blue, yellow and pink blocks, though it sees all block colors in Survival. Earth's gravity is very low, to the point that any ignition made is all but guaranteed to escape the planet's atmosphere, making screen clears a surprisingly difficult task, and maybe even impossible when using classic controls.

Earth makes up the game's first, easiest set of puzzles.

Star Quest DataEdit

Earth has three stages; two Shoot, one Puzzle. Completing all three will unlock Venus.

  • Easy; Launch 30 blocks
  • Normal; Launch 40 blocks
  • Hard; Launch 50 blocks
  • Easy; Launch 50 blocks
  • Normal; Launch 80 blocks
  • Hard; Launch 100 blocks

Information on Puzzle stages and their solutions can be found in our Puzzle article. Note that Star Quest puzzles do not change, regardless of difficulty.


  • Earth is the only planet in Star Quest that has two Shoot stages, and lacks a Time stage.