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Euclid is a Fanon planet that does not appear in any game.

Credits Edit

  • Author: MetamoNerv
  • Artist: MetamoNerv as the original concept artist, QuantumZYT as the Planet Native vector maker
  • Other Notes: Aside from Meteos Fanon, this planet can be mentioned in other ways

Planetary Data Edit

Euclid is a Dyson sphere that serves ultimately as the sun of its own solar system orbited by vaguely similar planets. Although this planet is a supercharged Dyson sphere, it is disguised as a star by the various machines that orbit its atmosphere. The surface is taken care of by machines the native of this planet has built and therefore the only other living things other than the Euclidean are vegetation. The planet does not spin and has a fake day cycle done by the same machines that disguise Euclid as a star. The ice caps are plagued with storms and there is a gargantuan ocean that wraps around the planet with a cluster of lakes that split into the landmasses. The air of Euclid is breathable to most carbon based lifeforms and are balanced with the pollution of other kinds of machines built specifically to pollute the air. The only civilization on Euclid is what gave it its name, being that was the name of the civilization, a small province shaped like a western mansion dubbed "Euclid". The Province is also filled with machinery built by the Euclidean as servants of variable skill sets. The native is very welcoming to those who visit but deny any access to what lies within the dyson sphere's depths. Robots run the markets and everything else so they do not have to do it all themselves.

Inhabitant Edit

Despite the very large planet's thriving climate changes and environments, there is only 1 inhabitant currently livng within the great province called "Euclid". The Euclidean appears to be a somewhat tall humanoid alien with brown scruffy hair and a mint green eye, and they also appear to be wearing mint green clothes. They have robe-like sleeves and spike-shaped legs, and the circles in the provided image refers to the machine they wear on their back. The Euclidean hold somewhat similar properties to Mekkians such as being able to spin metals into objects, as well as being able to do the same with hard light. As mentioned before, the Euclidean enjoys company, but mostly favours the company of malleable folk such as Jeljellians and Globinites. On an oddly notable mark, they prefer all snacks they eat to be cold.

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