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Sidenotes on Forterian Societies

Forte is a large, barren planet, as you probably already know. What with the barren planet being covered in large cracks, large enough to be seen from the surface, it leads many to argue just how the Forterians could even survive here in the first place.
But, they managed. Within the thinner cracks, large Foreterian societes do exist. Considering that the planet itself is rife with iron veins (some of which are even visible in the walls of Forte's deep crevasses), and that the Forterians themselves are, though shy, still particularly resourceful, shown by the cities that are built in the thinner, far less visible cracks. If you were to imagine this, take a large town, for example. Now imagine an apartment complex, and all the balconies you see outside of them. With these things in mind, consider what it would look like if these building were made of mixes of stone, clay, and iron, all hanging out from the walls, stacked atop each other, while still being spread apart.
Whatever image you came up with is probably quite accurate, and Forte has most common amenites as found in almost all civilized socities (storefronts, for example). The majority of the buildings are built half in the wall, being held up with supports and other buildings, with said buildings being connected with iron walkways, some of which have fallen out (which isn't much of a problem for most Forterians; they can just jump over a gap provided that a building isn't located directly above it.) and others re-added to the maze of catwalks, or made into stairs and ramps.
Upon further examinations, Forterians homes are usually placed near the bottoms of the crevasses, with ones in darker places usually costing more than ones in brighter areas, leading many observers to believe that Forterians value an absence of light. This tends to contradict with itself, however; many of them do enjoy eating, or communing with other Forterians in, at least, partially-lit areas, most notably being the stereotypically though of glowing mushrooms that sprout in dark, damp areas, and are usually taken out by Forterians and used in a similar fashion to that of lamps.
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