"Living on an ancient planet, the Gelyerns are a mysterious, hidden race skilled in the use of strange tools and arts."
Meteos Wars Planet Description
Nbg38 gelyer
A Gelyern
Planetary Traits
Alternate Names ジライヤ [Jiraiya] (JP)
Diameter 3,000km (~1864.1 miles)
Planet Impact Armageddon
Planetary Grouping N/A
Inhabitant Traits
Population 800 Gelyerns
Size (Height) 120cm (~3ft, 11in)
Archived Interactions

Gelyer is a planet found only in Meteos Wars.

Planetary Data Edit

Gelyer is a rather smaller planet, estimated to be about 3,000 kilometers from tip to tip. It is shaped like a large four-point star, some might say it looks like a four-point hira-shuriken. The planet is described as very old, and despite the age, it remains habitable.

Inhabitants Edit

The Gelyerns are a race of purple humanoids, measuring at about 120 centimeters in height on average. They possess a single eye, as per usual amongst the local planets, although interestingly shaped the same way as their planet: a four-point star with a hole within it. The Gelyerns are a mysterious race, as they have preferred to keep their traditions to themselves. What is known is that they are mutually trained in the use of unknown weapons and martial arts.

Meteos Wars Data Edit

Gelyer made it's first and only appearance in Meteos Wars, as Downloadable Content. To use it, the player had to purchase the Galaxy Pack, where it would be subsequently unlocked.

Gelyer features equal frequencies of Fire, H20, Soil and Dark Meteos. Gelyer has a difficult set of physics to work with, featuring high gravity and launch power, to the point where the stacks appear af if they were jumping up and down,  moving faster than any other stacks (barring Hevendor and Gravitas, who both have instantaneous ignitions, with Gravitas having said ignitions on the second). Ignitions also quickly scale in power, to the point that a 8-column wide stack can be gotten off screen on it's fourth launch (from the beginning). With this, provided the player can keep up, they can send large amounts of Burnt Meteos to their opponent, and quickly charge their Planet Impact, Armageddon, to fill their opponents screen at an very fast pace. With this, Gelyer is best suited for expert players, due to the troublesome gravity, and fast play being almost a necessity due to how quickly Burnt Meteos on this planet revert to their matchable forms.

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