Earth, water, and air are balanced on this blue planet. The merry Geolyte civilization is very similar to Earth's.
Meteos Planet Description

Geolyte is a planet found in Meteos, Meteos Online, and Meteos Wars. It is classified as one of the "starter" planets of the games alongside Firim, Oleana, Anasaze, and in Meteos Wars, Lumious.

Planetary DataEdit

Meteos Rates

Air-meteos-gauge    24.39%

Fire-meteos-gauge    24.39%

H2o-meteos-gauge    24.39%

Soil-meteos-gauge    24.39%

Herb-meteos-gauge    2.44%

  • A depiction of Geolyte from within its atmosphere, via Meteos
  • A depiction of a beach on Geolyte, via Meteos Online.
  • A depiction of a beach during a Geolyte winter, via Meteos Online.
  • A depiction of a beach in a Geolyte spring, from Meteos Online
An earth-like planet, Geolyte is covered with water, mountains, and a healthy atmosphere.
Meteos Instruction Booklet

Geolyte is a planet rather similar to Earth, albeit somewhat smaller. It is covered in large oceans that encompass a large section of the surface, with some landmasses that the Geolytes live upon. These landmasses appear to mostly be beaches and high cliffs. The planet experiences what seem to be similar weather patterns to those found on Earth. Geolyte also experiences seasonal changes, again similar to Earth. The landscapes during winter, spring, and likely summer have been recorded. Snowfall occurs during a Geolyte winter, just as on Earth. During spring, the cliffs blossom with pink flowers, which almost constantly fall down to the beaches below.

Geolyte appears in Star Trip mode's Multi route as part of the H2O Planetaries, sharing its grouping with Oleana.


The inhabitants of Geolyte are simply called the Geolytes. The average Geolyte is around 90 centimeters in height. There are approximately 5.8 billion Geolytes living on the surface of the planet. A Geolyte appears as a sky blue humanoid alien, albeit with horn-like protrusions jutting out from the sides of their heads. These protrusions are capable of bending in different directions, usually shown to display the emotions of the Geolyte.

In the original game, when a Geolyte dies, they lose the protrusions and gain a halo. However, in Wars, it seems they can still have their protrusions after they die.

Meteos DataEdit


The design of the Meteos on Geolyte, shared with Yooj.


This planet does not require any sort of fusion to unlock. Its Sound Set, Bravo, does not require any sort of fusion either. It and its Sound Set are unlocked from the start.

Meteos EncountersEdit

In the original Meteos game, this planet has an equal balance of Air, Fire, H2O, and Soil Meteos, with a smaller chance of Zoo Meteos appearing. The planet has 9 columns to play in. When playing, the Meteos fall pretty normally, with relatively fast launches and relatively slow falling stacks, making it good for starters. Vertical launches have slightly more power than horizontal launches here. In many cases, Geolyte is considered as a sort of "median" planet, and is a good choice if it is one's first time playing the game. However, it's ease-of-use can be easily exploited by a skilled player, who will be able to quickly send screen clears one after the other if they're allowed to survive long enough, or at all if the user is a master at the game.

Meteos Online/Wars DataEdit

Meteos OnlineEdit


Geolyte and it's seasons Meteos designs, from Meteos Online

Geolyte was featured in Meteos Online, along with two variant planets, all featuring the same Meteos design.

The basic planet (Geolyte) was given to the user at the start of the game, not seeming to have any sort of fusion requirement (obviously). It featured relatively high, equal frequencies of Air, Herb, H2O and Soil Meteos, followed by a halved frequency of Fire, and a trace amount of Glow Meteos. The Rare Meteo that could appear here was Soul.

Geolyte (Winter)Edit

Geolyte (Winter) was a winter themed variant of Geolyte, and possessed similar properties. To use it, fusion was required, needing 10,000 Air Meteos, 10,000 H2O, 10,000 Soil, 10,000 Zoo, 10,000 Ice, and 4,000 Dark.

Geolyte (Winter) was mostly the same, aside from some aesthetic changes, such as the planet being re-colored to be a cold aqua, and the landscape edited to suit, not much was changed. Geolyte (Winter) experienced relatively high, equal amounts of Air, Ice, Herb, and Soil, halved amounts of H2O, and trace amounts of Dark. The Rare Meteo that could drop here was Soul, just like with the normal planet.

Geolyte (Spring)Edit

Geolyte (Spring) was the second variant of Geolyte, and was spring themed, as the title suggests. It needed to be fused before the player could use it, needing 10,000 Air, 10,000 H2O, 10,000 Soil, 10,000 Zoo, and 4,000 Glow Meteos.

As with Geolyte (Winter), Geolyte (Spring) was of a similar vein as it, in terms of changes, with the planet now being somewhat pinkish, and the landscape was edited accordingly. Geolyte (Spring) had relatively high, equal amounts of Air, Zoo, Herb and Soil, halved frequencies of H2O, and trace amounts of Glow Meteos. As with the other Geolytes, the Rare Meteo that could drop here was Soul.

Meteos WarsEdit

Geolyte was also featured in Meteos Wars, as a starter planet. It had very few changes made to it, with the only change in it's Meteos lineup was having it's Zoo Meteos changed to Herb Meteos. Geolyte was otherwise left mostly unchanged, though with the addition of it's new Planet Impact, Gambit, it gained some power and could be used a bit more effectively as a whole.

It also had the stylistic change of the native's animation being much smoother, unlike it's Meteos counterpart, which had a much jerkier animation.


  • The Geolytes appear to serve as the mascots for the Meteos franchise, seeing as they are generally the most popular alien shown around the web. Planet Geolyte was also the winner of a popularity vote on the original Meteos website, hosted back in 2005.
  • In Meteos Online, the Geolytes in the background will be holding or wearing something different when using either of the variant planets.
    • The Geolytes on Geolyte (Winter) wear orange and brown scarves, mittens and pom-pom beanies.
    • Some of the Geolytes on Geolyte (Spring) can be seen holding Hanami dango candies.
  • In the METEOS Book, the icon for Mission has a Geolyte on it.
  • If you notice, the Geolyte's animation in the DS game (not counting Meteo, since it doesn't have a representative) is the only one with a jerky animation, in contrast with the smoother animations of others. It's also the only one without an eye other than Hevendor and seems to be made far more early than the other aliens.
  • Despite representing Dark Meteos for Meteo, Geolyte never has Dark Meteos falling on its planet. This might reference that the Geolyte's horns make them look like devils, which Dark Meteos are usually associated with.
  • Geolyte's name may be derived the prefix geo- and the suffix -lite, meaning "Earth" and "stone" respectively. The same applies to its European name, "Geolitia".