"With an unrivaled sweeth tooth, the Hanihulans fly around recklessly, tantalized by the sweet aroma emitted by planets."
Meteos Wars Planet Description
Nbg37 hanifula
A Hanihulan
Planetary Traits
Alternate Names ハニフラ (JP)
Diameter 12,000km (~7456.4 miles)
Planet Impact Gambit
Planetary Grouping N/A
Inhabitant Traits
Population ~50,000,000 Hanihulans
Size (Height) 33cm (~1ft, 1in)
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Hanihula is a planet found only in Meteos Wars.

Planetary Data Edit

Hanihula is a spherical planet measuring at approximately 12,000 kilometers in diameter. Approximately half of its surface is covered in large hexagonal structures that together appear like large honeycombs from orbit. They serve as colony structures for the Hanihulans.

Inhabitants Edit

The Hanihulans are a bee-like race, with small blue wings and a single eye. They are approximately 33 centimeters in size. They are said to be somehow capable of flight through space, and are described as having excessive attraction to sweet smells and the like. The Hanihulans can somehow detect "aromas" from other planets.

Meteos Wars Data Edit

Hanihula made its first and only appearance in Meteos Wars, as Downloadable Content. To attain it, the user would need to purchase and install the Galaxy Pack.

Hanihula experienced high Glow Meteos frequencies, followed by slightly lower amounts of Soil, ever-so-slightly lower amounts of Dust, and approximately halved, equal amounts of Air and Zap.

Hanihula had a very strange set of physics, being what is essentially the antithesis of Hevendor. Hanihula's stacks have little force behind their ignitions, while still "jumping" to their specified heights. They fall particularly slowly, even with the Speeder on, and lose a small bit of power between their first and second ignitions, staying at that power for about ten more ignitions (with the final number being 12) before gaining a sudden amount of power to the point where a screen clear is near effortless. With this, featuring only 7 columns, setting up a screen-wide stack isn't the biggest problem, but rather keeping it in the air for that long, severely limiting Hanihula's attack power. This, alongside the planet's only hope of having any attack power being it's Planet ImpactGambit, lasting only a second or two, requires it to survive the whole three minutes, where it will most definitely win by score, being the highest scoring planet in the game. At the end of the day, can only be mastered by an extremely skilled player, due to its strange mechanics and practically nonexistent attack power, but makes up for it with the best scoring capabilities in the game.


  • Hanihula is the only planet to have its Planet Impact (Gambit) altered in any way, with the alteration in question being it's length, lasting about 1.5 seconds.
  • Gameplay wise, Hanihula works the opposite way as Hevendor; where Hevendor instantly launches Meteos off the screen but is naturally the worst scorer in the game, Hanihula is is incredibly weak but is one of the best scoring planets in the game.
  • Hanihula, alongside Arod, may first appear near useless, but can be used to incredible effect in the right hands. In Hanihula's case, it's physics makes it the highest scoring planet due to chaining launches together being borderline required to survive, and near unavoidable screen clears after a large amount of ignitions.

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