An Invisil
Planetary Traits
Alternate Names Unknown
Diameter  ???km (??? miles)
Music Dharma 2 by ReduxSound
Planetary Grouping N/A
Inhabitant Traits
Population  ??? Invisils
Size (Height) ~1.5m (~4ft, 10in)
Author Serrix
Artist hevromero on DeviantArt

Invisile is a Fanon planet in the Meteos universe. It, as of post, does not appear in any stories.

Planetary Data Edit

Invisile is a highly elusive planet, to the point that, well, no one quite knows what it looks like proper. Usually hidden by the huge cloaking technology developed by its inhabitants, few are allowed to arrive there. As a result of this, the geography, atmosphere, generally anything that should be known about a planet, simply isn't known by the general galactic public. What information that may leak out is somehow silenced.

Inhabitants Edit

The Invisils are a secretive race, to the point they would, as a civilization in whole, simply prefer to remain in hiding from the rest of the galactic worlds. Despite the best attempts at diplomatic or aggressive forwards, they remain a relatively unknown people. Very very few of their race are seen elsewhere. The Head of the Metamo Archives happens to be of this race, but even he keeps the secrets of his kind. He has relented to the point of writing the article you now read, but provides no further information.

The little that is known is how they look, if only because of the Head of the Archives. They are a ghostly-looking race, not dissimilar in shape to the Megadomers. Like their technology and by extention, their home, they are capable of limited invisibility.

Archived Interactions Edit

Information Encoded. Decrypting in progress.

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