Every planet's name has a theme to it, some are obvious while others might be a little trickier to know.

Names Edit

  • Geolyte: The prefix geo-, meaning Earth, and lyte might be a form of the word "lite."
  • Oleana: The word sounds similar to ocean.
  • Firim: Fire.
  • Anasaze: The name is based on the Anasazi Native Americans, who lived in a majorly desert-like area much like the general biome of the planet is.
  • Bavoom: Sounds like a strong wind blow.
  • Lastar: ???
  • Grannest: ???
  • Boggob: Bog, a soft muddy ground.
  • Arod: Simplification of the word "asteroid."
  • Hanihula: Honey and the word "hurrah" which may refer to the laughter in Hanihula's music.
  • Hotted: Hot.
  • Jeljel: Possibly the viscous and gel-like magma that mostly encompasses the planet.
  • Forte: ???
  • Brabbit: Phonetically similar to "rabbit".
  • Yooj: Phonetically similar to "huge".
  • Layazero: ???
  • Thirnova: The word "nova" refers to the fact it was made from supernovas.
  • Mekks: The word "mech."
  • Wiral: Wire.
  • Wuud: Wood.
  • Cavious: Cave.
  • Luna=Luna: Luna means moon, and it's doubled meaning it has double the moons.
  • Limotube: ???
  • Hevendor: Heaven, which is often claimed as the upper world.
  • Starrii: Star.
  • Florias: Flora.
  • Vubble: The names rhymes with "bubble."
  • Gravitas: Gravity.
  • Gigagush: Giga can refer to being big and gush, which is flowing out.
  • Globin: Hemoglobin.
  • Freaze: Freeze.
  • Megadom: ???
  • Dawndus: Dawn and dusk.
  • Gelyer: ???
  • Lumious: Of the game Lumines.
  • Ranbarumba: ???
  • Suburbion: Suburbs.
  • Dejeh: Play on the term "DJ".
  • Darthvega: Darth Vader, whose series is where Darthvega's name comes from.
  • Meteo: Meteors.

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