Mars is a planet found in Meteos Astro Blocks.

Meteos Astro Blocks DataEdit

Mars is the third planet encountered in Star Quest. It is listed as having a two and-a-half star difficulty rating (on a scale of one to five) in Survival.

Within Star Quest, Mars will only ever face red, blue, yellow and green blocks, where in Survival it sees every possible block color. The Ash Locker is introduced here. Mars is the first planet where no ignition made from the bottom row will ever be able to leave the screen (unless nothing is weighing it down), but otherwise functions identically to the planets before it, albeit a bit harder to use.

Mars is home to Astro Blocks' second set of puzzles.

Star Quest DataEdit

Mars has three stages; Shoot, Time, and Puzzle. Completing them all will unlock Asteroid.

  • Easy; Launch 100 blocks
  • Normal; Launch 125 blocks
  • Hard; Launch 150 blocks
  • Easy; Launch 100 blocks in 2:10
  • Normal; Launch 115 blocks in 1:50
  • Hard; Launch 150 blocks in 1:40

Information on Puzzle stages and their solutions can be found in our Puzzle article. Note that Star Quest puzzles do not change, regardless of difficulty.