Once a space mine, the natives of Mekks spun wires like thread to make a constantly evolving mechanized planet.
Meteos Planet Description
Nbg11 meks
A Mekkian
Planetary Traits
Alternate Names メックス (JP)
Diameter ~1,000km (~621.4 miles)
Music Famicomic
Planet Impact Gambit
Planetary Grouping Electric Nymphs
Inhabitant Traits
Population 20,000,000 Mekkians
Size (Height) ~140cm
Archived Interactions
Mekks is a planet found in Meteos, Meteos Online, and Meteos Wars.

Planetary Data Edit

Mekks' appearance varies from game to game, though it does keep the same basic shape; a small orb with two peaks, one on either end. In Meteos and Meteos Online, Mekks is an aqua green planet with slightly bluer peaks, and a, what appears to be, rough surface. In Meteos Wars, however, Mekks is illustrated not only in much more detail, but also its peaks are silver and visibly plated, while the body of the planet itself is a deep blue, covered in moving digital circles that move sideways at varying rates. It's surface is shown as being covered in large buildings, though their purpose is unknown.
  • A depiction of metallic spires on Mekks, via Meteos
  • A depiction of a mechanized area on Mekks, via Meteos Online.

Inhabitants Edit

The inhabitants of Mekks are a race of robots twenty million strong. They have a light blue body and a single yellow eye in the middle of it. They are capable of standing on the flat rhombus on the top of their heads, and many do this frequently, but they don't seem to have a reason why they do this.

Meteos Data Edit

Unlocking Edit

Mekks was available as an unlockable planet and could be fused for 1,024 Iron Meteos and 800 Zap. It's Sound Set, Famicomic, could be fused for 500 Iron.

Meteos Encounters Edit


Mekks' Meteos design, shared with Wiral.

Mekks, in the original Meteos, had a high frequency of Iron Meteos, followed by slightly lower amounts of Zap, and then lower, equal amounts of Air, Fire and H20. Mekks has similar physics to that of Gigagush; all stacks rise and fall at a set height and speed that doesn't increase or decrease with consecutive launches. With only 7 columns to work with, however, if one were to bring launches together in a way as to cover the screen, they could quickly make a stack capable of pushing back all Burnt Meteos sent to it. However, unless the player managed to make a second ignition just before the apex of a launch, it would be simply impossible for Mekks to get a screen clear.

Meteos Online/Wars Data Edit

Meteos OnlineEdit


Makes' Meteos design, from Meteos Online

Mekks made it's second appearance in Meteos Wars as an unlockable planet, where it could be fused for 800 Air Meteos, 1000 Fire, 350 H20, 1500 Iron, 500 Zap and 500 Points

Mekks actually had identical frequencies to it's previous incarnation; high frequencies of Iron Meteos, slightly lower frequencies of Zap, and halved, equal frequencies of Fire, H20 and Air. The Rare Meteo that could drop here was Time.

Meteos WarsEdit

Mekks made it's third appearance in Meteos Wars, as an unlockable planet. Like any other unlockable planet, it had to be defeated as the fifth Unknown planet in Mission Mode.

Mekks had it's Meteos lineup altered heavily, in terms of types; the frequencies of these types weren't altered at all. It now sported high amounts of Zap, slightly lower amounts of Glow, and lower, equal amounts of Air, H20 and Iron. Mekks had very little changed about it's play style, with the only noticeable change being Burnt Meteos weighing a bit more than last time. Overall, Mekks is quite useable by players of all skill levels, though beginners may have trouble getting it to work, due to it's odd gravity mechanics. 

It's accessory can be unlocked by using 50 Planet Impacts across all games.


  • Mekks is one of the planets that had it's appearance heavily altered in Meteos Wars. Another planet fitting this criteria is Bavoom.
  • In the original Meteos, Mekks, JeljelGrannest and Layazero all have the exact same Meteos falling onto them.

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