Thus the last desperate stand against Meteos began. The Metamo Ark - a warship made of Meteos ore - set off as a bastion of hope, with the fate of the entire universe resting on a lone civilization's valor.
Section from the introduction of Meteos

The Metamo Ark is a large spaceship found in Meteos and Meteos Wars.


The Metamo Ark is a universal design for a spaceship used by the local group of planets for interstellar travel and primarily to get to and destroy Meteo. It is built from refined Meteo ore, and measures at 120 kilometers in length. The design was first created by the Geolytes, but was transferred and all planets were capable of creating them. It is capable of "sealing" off planets from Meteo attacks for a time.

The Metamo Ark appears in all Star Trip routes as a post-Meteo bonus stage during the credits.

Meteos DataEdit


The Metamo Ark cannot be fused; it can only be used at the end of any successful Star Trip run.

It's sound setEnd of the Universe, can be fused for 100 Air Meteos, 100 Fire, 100 H20, 100 Soil, 100 Iron, 100 Zap, 100 Herb, 100 Zoo, 100 Glow and 100 Dark.

Meteos EncountersEdit

The Metamo Ark is interesting in that during the Star Trips, it is capable of copying the atmosphere and physics of the planet(s) that it is currently assisting or fighting. During these times, any gameplay is the same as that planet.

During the credits, the Metamo Ark is its own stage, with a different playing field. It is 11 columns wide, which are unique in that they are 22 tiles tall, as opposed to 12 for a normal playing field. This allows for massive stacks to launch. All types of Meteos may drop onto the ship's field. It is not completely confirmed, but it seems to be that Rare Meteos have a higher chance to fall on this stage, which can lead to a scramble to launch it before the credits end and the stage ends. Meteos launched during this stage do count towards your stock of Meteos to fuse later.

Meteos Wars DataEdit

Though the Metamo Ark is talked about in certain parts of the METEOS Book, it is never actually seen in gameplay, only serving as a justification on why the player is fighting a duplicate of the targeted planet, in a similar fashion to that of it's Meteos incarnation. Unlike in Meteos, where the Metamo Ark being piloted is made by the player's chosen home world, the Metamo Ark's maker is left ambiguous.

With this, the Metamo Ark also never makes an actually playable appearance, even as a bonus stage.