The planet Meteo sending off its destructive hordes of Meteos.

The Meteos are phantasmagoric meteorites used as a weapon initially by Meteo, their creator, but later utilized by the other planets in the local group to fight back against it. They are elemental, which leads to a unique property: when three or more Meteos of the same element are aligned, they ignite, turning into Burnt Meteos, and reverse direction, flying away from their target planet and taking Meteos above them with them. If enough Meteos crash onto a planet and are not launched away, they will cause the planet to be destroyed.

Types of MeteosEdit

  • Air: Colored white, aligned with air, winds, and the atmosphere.
  • Fire: Colored red, and associated with fire, lava, magma, and heat.
  • Iron: Purple-colored, associated with metals.
  • Zap: Yellow in color, and aligned with electricity.
  • H2O: A light blue in color, representative of water, and ice in Meteos (DS) and Meteos Online.
  • Soil: Colored light brown, associated with earth and rock.
  • Herb: A deep green color, aligned with plantlife.
  • Zoo: Pink in color, and associated with life.
  • Glow: An uncommon Meteo, light green in color, and associated with light.
  • Dark: Another uncommon Meteo, colored dark blue, and aligned with darkness and shadows. Not evil per say, merely an absence of light.
  • Poison: A Meteo type introduced and only present in Meteos Online, colored most anywhere between pink or purple, sometimes incorporating a skull in the design.
  • Ice: The other Meteo type introduced in Meteos Online, usually colored a pale blue or almost-white, associated with ice and freezing temperatures.
  • Dust: A Meteo type introduced in Meteos Wars, usually colored a pinkish-purple or gray color, and associated with particles, dust, and possibly smog. More or less completely replaces Poison Meteos in Wars.
  • Time: One of the Rare Meteos, associated with time.
  • Soul: The other Rare Meteo introduced in Meteos, associated with spirit.
  • Chi: An odd Rare Meteo that only appears on Hevendor, introduced and only present in Meteos Online.


The main purpose of the Meteos was to be a highly destructive weapon used by their creator, the planet Meteo. They would be created in hordes, and launched to targeted planets to overwhelm and destroy them. However, possibly due to their phantasmagoric nature, they can be used for creative purposes, most notably Fusion. In some of the Star Trip endings, they are used to recreate the planets destroyed by Meteo. They are also the main material used to construct the Metamo Ark.