Like many other games, Meteos (DS) went under several changes before being released to the public, with certain planets appearing more realistically, asthetic differences, among other things.

Game DifferencesEdit


The first build known of Meteos.

Meteos, in it's first versions, was much more rudimentary in it's appearance. Aside from natives being moved to the bottom of the screen, Meteos were much smaller in size, and both score and time were moved to the lower screen. On the upper screen, all four planets (including the players' planet) were visible, with the players'  field being displayed next to their planet. Explosions when Meteos collided with planets looked much different, sent Meteos looked a lot simpler. In addition, the playing field no longer sits directly on the bottom of the screen (and has a grid), and the Speeder looks much different compared to how it looks in the final version. Glow, Dark, Soul and Time Meteos were absent.

Planet ChangesEdit

A few planets were much different prior to release. Planets that were not changed enough to warrant their own section of this page can be found in the lower "Other Planets" category of this page.


Geolyte was much more Earth-like in it's pre release artwork, but otherwise appeared the same. In early versions, however, Geolyte's populace appeared as a fusion of a Dawndusian with a Ranbarumbian's eye, and the iconic open blue head with horns, unlike it's current appearance, which more closely resembles a human.


Other PlanetsEdit

Appearance changes of any other planets that were the only known change. Click the picture of any one of the planets to visit it's full page.