Pluto is a planet found in Meteos Astro Blocks.

Meteos Astro Blocks DataEdit

Pluto is the seventh planet found in Star Quest, after Saturn. In Survival, it is shown with a four-and-a-half out of five star difficulty, making it the second hardest planet in the game, beaten only by Meteo.

Within Star Quest, Pluto will only ever see white, yellow, red, purple and green blocks, though it will see all types in Survival. Gravity is very high on Pluto, to the point that even a vertical ignition will have trouble leaving the screen, let alone reaching the top (if launched from the very bottom.) It also marks the return of the tenth column, once absent on Saturn.

Star Quest DataEdit

Pluto has three stages; Shoot, Time, and Puzzle.

  • Easy; Launch 200 blocks
  • Normal; Launch 225 blocks
  • Hard; Launch 250 blocks
  • Easy; Launch 200 blocks in 2:50
  • Normal; Launch 210 blocks in 2:30
  • Hard; Launch 250 blocks in 2:20

Information on Puzzle stages and their solutions can be found in our Puzzle article. Note that Star Quest puzzles do not change, regardless of difficulty.