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Archiver Notes on Ranbarumba

You know how sometimes they call major cities on planets a "City of Lights" due to the constant activity making lights shine on all through the night? Well, in a way different from the likes of Thirnova or Lastar, Ranbarumba could be called a planet of lights. The native populace of the planet is constantly active, whether it be dancing, general partying, or some other activity to keep them going. Somehow, biologically, the Ranbarumbans have developed to the point where their bodies need very little rest, which can be accomplished simply by doing weaker physical activity for a period of time, after which they can resume their vigorous lifestyle.

The few Ranbarumbans that are different enough to be more professional and calm in comparison generally run any alien relations, whether it is hosting living spaces, running communications, or generally attempting to live in more serious environments. While it is uncommon to see a Ranbarumban off-planet and hard at work, it can be almost assured that when they finish work for the time, they can be found partying or celebrating whatever off the clock.

Ranbarumba is typically seen as a popular vacation spot, although one should not expect to get much sleep. Almost no matter where one goes on the planet, there will be a constant festival going on somewhere. To put the matter in perspective, there have been a few recorded festivals where the reason was having nothing to have a festival about. Generally, Ranbarumbans may be hired off-planet to organize celebratory events, which generally turn out well with the creativeness and passion that a Ranbarumban will put into such activities.

After exposure to alien cultures for years now, the Ranbarumbans have incorporated things from as many civilizations as they can find. Whether it is food, dance styles, decorations, or whatever else they think is appropriate, it will likely be used in the festivities. From Yoojic Cloud Cakes to Luna=Lunar and Arodian Meteor Candies, many foreign delicacies can be found being made in Ranbarumban kitchens. Some restaurants on Ranbarumba even pride themselves on having the most diverse and largest menus in the galaxy.

Whenever a Ranbarumban has died for almost any reason, very little mourning is done, as the Ranbarumbans that were family of or knew the individual well instead choose to celebrate the deceased's life and accomplishments. After the festival for the deceased, the body is set aflame and is given a sendoff to the afterlife as a final hurrah for that Ranbarumban.

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