Saturn is a planet found in Meteos Astro Blocks.

Meteos Astro Blocks DataEdit

Saturn is the sixth planet found in Star Quest, after Jupiter. It is given a four star difficulty rating (out of five) in Survival mode, being the third most difficult planet in the game.

Saturn will only ever see white, blue, red, yellow and green blocks in Star Quest, though it will also see purple blocks in Survival. Gravity is even higher on Saturn than Jupiter, to the point that many stacks will not be able to get off of the screen without a second ignition, though it otherwise handles the same as any other planet.

In addition, Saturn is oddly missing a column, using only nine (compared to the surrounding Jupiter and Pluto, both using ten).

Star Quest DataEdit

Saturn features three stages; Shoot, Time and Boss.

  •  Easy; Launch 180 blocks
  •  Normal; Launch 200 blocks
  •  Hard; Launch 225 blocks
  •  Easy; Launch 180 blocks in 2:40.
  •  Normal; Launch 180 blocks in 2:20.
  •  Hard; Launch 225 blocks in 2:10.



Boss Saturn is the creature fought on this planet.

Boss Saturn has a duplication mechanic that it will activate every so often, creating two "false" copies of itself along the top of the field, alongside itself, where it will periodically send down a row of eight blocks that will revert after an extended period of time. It also has more health than Boss Asteroid, which can be increased further by upping the difficulty.

Upon defeat, the player will receive the third Power Crystal.

You can identify if Boss Saturn is preparing to enter its' duplication phase, as it will begin to flash. Making wide stacks is crucial to defeating Boss Saturn, as you won't be able to damage it in a timely manner during it's duplication phase, which can be an exercise in frustration. However, it cannot drop blocks onto the playing field outside of it's duplication phase, so use these moments to deal damage without restraint. Save any falling Colour Erasers for if the grid starts to get uncomfortably full; though it won't damage Boss Saturn, it will buy you some valuable room. In addition, you will know if you launched a stack at a false Boss Saturn; the stack will merely pass through it, and fail to deal any damage.