Scoring is a mechanic used in MeteosMeteos Online, and Meteos Wars.


Scoring is a gameplay mechanic in all Meteos games. Though it has very little impact on gameplay, it can be used as a sort of gauge to determine how well the player is doing. While in most instances, the player can only gain score, there are select times when it is possible to lose points. As the name suggests, it is practically always better to have more points than less.

It is also used to determine the winner of timed matches (either if two or more players have equal Nova counts or if neither played suffered a Planet Nova), with whoever has the highest score winning, and while this may not be the most favorable situation for a planet, it can also be it's only chance at winning.


Meteos has a rather simple scoring system, consisting of five categories; Ignitions, Meteo Launching, Meteo Destruction, Special, and Star Trip Bonuses.


Ignitions scoring is for igniting Meteos by aligning three or more.

Name Definition Points Earned
Meteos Ignited How many Meteos Ignited in an ignition Ignited Meteos X 100
Chain Ignition

Any ignitions after the first, stacked with top bonus, up to 10x*

Points earned from above bonus X Ignition count.
Air Dock Launch one stack into another. 400 points.
  • For example, if the player ignites four Meteos on their third continuous ignition, they will earn 1,200 points (4x100x3)

Meteo LaunchingEdit

Meteo Launching scoring is awarded for getting Meteos off the screen.

Name Definition Points Earned
Meteo Launched Get a Meteo off the planet. 20 points each.
Burnt Meteo Launched Get a Burnt Meteo off the planet. 10 points each.
Rare Meteo Launched Get a Rare Meteo off the planet. 10,000 points each.
Item Launched Get an Item off the planet. 400 points each.
Launch Bonus 1 - 50 Add points to all Meteos sent in this threshold. 10 points for each Meteo.
Launch Bonus  51 - 120 Add points to all Meteos sent in this threshold. 20 points for each Meteo.
Launch Bonus 121 - ∞ Add points to all Meteos sent in this threshold. 30 points for each Meteo.

Meteo DestructionEdit

Meteo Destruction scoring is awarded for destroying Meteos, either with Items, flicking, or falling Rare Meteos.

Name Definition Points Earned
Flick Destruction Destroy Meteos by Flicking a Meteo into a falling one of the same type 400 points.
Destroy Meteos Destroy Meteos through any method, besides Flicking. 60 points each.
Destroy Burnt Meteos Destroy Burnt Meteos through any method. 20 points each.
Destroy Rare Meteo Destroy a Rare Meteo though any method. Oops. 10,000 points each.


Special scoring is awarded for doing unique things that tend to be impressive.

Name Definition Points Earned
Screen Clear

Clear the screen of Meteos.

Smart Bomb usage does not count.

Column Count X 1000
360+ Launch Bonus

Send any amount of Meteos greater than 360 at once.

Note that the Meteos may be sent and this count will continue, so long as Meteos are constantly sent.

5,000 points.

Star Trip BonusesEdit

Star Trip Bonuses are, hence the name, score bonuses (and penalties) exclusive to Star Trip.

Name Definition Points Earned
Continue Penalty Continue a Star Trip run after a Game Over. Current Score/2 + 1
Consecutive Clear Bonus

Clear several Star Trip stages in a row without a Continue.

Using a Continue resets this bonus.

Stages Cleared x 10,000
Simple Bonus Defeat Meteo on Simple (★) 50,000 points.
Standard Bonus Defeat Meteo on Standard (★★) 100,000 points.
Difficult Bonus Defeat Meteo on Difficult (★★★) 150,000 points.
Very Difficult Bonus Defeat Meteo on Very Difficult (★★★★) 300,000 points.
Brutally Hard Bonus* Defeat Meteo on Brutally Hard (★★★★★) 500,000 points.
  • Clearing Star Trip without continues on Brutally Hard with the Branch route will earn you 860,000 points from bonuses alone!
    • The same can be achieved with the Multi route if one makes it to Hevendor Realm

Meteos Online/Meteos WarsEdit

Information coming soon...


  • SoManyNines

    A rolled over score counter in Meteos (DS).

    Hevendor is the worst planet in terms of scoring for the Meteos series, due to all of its launches removing any made ignitions and their stacks instantly.
    • Respectively, Hanihula is (usually) the best scoring planet, due to its low launch power and lengthy time it takes for Burnt Meteos to revert, allowing for easy enough Screen Clears with enough practice.
  • In most situations, it is not worth destroying a Rare Meteo (even if you no longer need them), for it is usually easier to launch it off the screen for the same bonus.
  • If you're going for score, do not continue a Star Trip run if you are defeated; your score will take an enormous hit!
    • Also, try to make each match last for as long as possible, as to gain more points than if you were defeating your opponents as quickly as possible.
  • The score cap in the original Meteos game is 9,999,995 points.
    • On the results screen, however, it will show 9,999,999 points.
  • It is humanly impossible to reach the scoring cap in Meteos Wars, due to Challenge Mode ending at 99 minutes and its counter going into the hundred-millions.