Shielding is a technique present in all Meteos games.



Shielding on Brabbit, from Meteos (DS)

Shielding is the act of setting up a screen-wide stack, similar as to what one would do to perform a screen clear, but instead of launching the stack off the screen, keeping it's lowermost rows on the screen. The stack should then fall back down to the bottom of the screen, and be launched again. If the process is done properly, this will end up with Meteos constantly being pushed off of the screen.

This technique can only be applied to planets with low gravity and ignition strength, and is most effective on Brabbit, as shown to the right. Though Shielding is a difficult technique to learn, it can have a devastating effect on whichever planet is receiving the launched Meteos, and can easily accumulate hundreds of thousands of points.

In Meteos Wars, several methods were introduced to help combat shielding, mostly through the use of Planet Impacts, overall limiting it's effectiveness, while still keeping it a viable technique, in some situations.

Shielding And The SpeederEdit

Shielding can be used to even greater effect by combining it with rigorous Speeder use, and is where most of it's effectiveness as a tactic comes from, allowing for attacks greater than 100 Meteos, especially when Meteos start falling at their maximum density. This is actually best seen on Bavoom, despite the fact that Bavoom cannot actually shield at all.

Shield-Capable PlanetsEdit

Below is a list of planets that possess the capability to shield.

The planet most notorious for this technique, Brabbit can easily create a shield, and keep it in the air for several launches. This allows Brabbit to remain essentially invulnerable for the entire match, pushing back any and all Burnt Meteos sent to it without much effort. However, any player will need to have the stack land eventually, but it can be rebuilt quickly, allowing Brabbit to be almost invincible in the right hands.

Though Wuud doesn't have as good of a shield as Brabbit, it still can use the technique to great effect.

In Meteos Wars, it was also given the ability to keep the stack in the air for the entire match (three minutes), though this is an incredibly strenuous task, even for an incredibly skilled player, and this implies your opponent's planet is not armed with Armageddon or Tempest.

Even though these planets do not have a "proper" shield, their mechanic of all stacks launching with the same amounts of power to a fixed height allows them to perform a similar technique, looking more like a piston than a shield.

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