A Syglessite
Planetary Traits
Alternate Names Unknown
Diameter 8,000km (4,970.97 miles)
Music Snow Girl by Takayuki Nakamura
Planetary Grouping N/A
Inhabitant Traits
Population 332 Syglessites
Size (Height) 72cm
Author GreenGalaxy2
Artist ???

To do; Planet Image, maybe a landscape picture.

Information Edit

  • Author; GreenGalaxy2
  • Artist; ???
  • Appears In; Nothing.
  • Credits
    • Me, for the time and effort.
    • Serrix, for creating the Wiki.
    • Whoever made the original illustration of the native for that.
  • Other Notes; First Fanon planet ever!

Sygless is a Fanon planet in the Meteos universe. It, as of post, does not appear in any stories.

Planetary Data Edit

Sygless is a damaged cube shaped planet, covered with streaks of red and blue. The surface is mostly composed of glass and various crystals, though the crystals and other elements are packed tightly enough together as to hide the core of the planet. The surface is mostly flat, except for a large, once brilliantly colored temple located near the equator of the planet, not visible from the "front". The surface has some broken chunks leading into large craters of various colors, mostly blue, red, and copper, and is rife with sharp edges, as one would expect from broken glass.

Inhabitants Edit

The Syglessites are a race of strange aliens, with an unknown age, and having a population of exactly 332, all of which located in the temple. They can be easily identified as being a bright green with a yellow, square eye in the middle. Just like the surface, Syglessites are composed of floating chunks of glass and crystal, and can weaponize these chunks, favoring triangular shapes over all others. Similar to Lastar, the natives of Sygless can communicate by reflecting light, or by actually speaking (though their verbalized speech has be said to be capable of driving visitors to insanity, due to it's frequencies and sudden stops and starts). It isn't known why the Sylgessites live in a temple, or where all to other ones have gone, if they even existed.

Archived Interactions Edit

Information Encoded. Decrypting in progress.

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