Information Encoded. Decrypting in progress.

Thirnova - Oddest of D​ang Lights

The commonly-given advice for anyone seeking to travel to Thirnova is “don’t”. It’s a lovely-looking place, for certain, and not many inhabited worlds can shine for lightyears around like Thirnova can. It is also, however, highly radioactive to anyone who isn’t a Thirnovan.

In Thirnova, light radiation surges through literally everything, in a manner far distant from Lastar’s light emissions. Every atom is ionized with the transfer of energy, so much so that the dark matter in Thirnova glows with light, and the light of distant stars appears relatively dark in the Thirnovan sky. Few understand how this happens in Thirnova - it is very expensive to protect a visiting carbon-based lifeform from that sort of gamma decay, let alone to properly research Thirnova’s properties and physics. Thirnovan scientists themselves have been secretive about their understanding of it.

But if you can imagine the hazards of going there, you can also magine the Thirnovans’ initial horror when they first left their world and looked into our comparatively-dark universe. After a lifetime of light in all directions, seeing black expanse everywhere you looked would not have been a good surprise. Whatever races first reached Thirnova after its birth found a population quite happy to leave the rest of the universe to its own devices.

Over the course of time, Thirnovan paranoia was slowly replaced with curiosity, and a bold few made the trek into the outer systems to re-establish contact with the other races. They soon found that they could live in this dark universe away from Thirnova for extended periods of time, and that they could even interact physically with other races once their bodies’ energy emissions had time to adjust. Still, the nature of such a universe is alien to many Thirnovans, and most Thirnovan ships are outfitted with “recharging” chambers, where a Thirnovan could bask in a high-powered simulation of Thirnova’s atmosphere. Majority of its population sees little reason to expand its role or influence in the galaxy, and the few that do leave often act out of individualism, easily carving out their own special niches wherever they go due to their rare presence.

But if you ever want to take the necessary steps to travel through Thirnova, means there may not be a better time than the present. Ever since the Meteos attacks struck, reports suggest that Thirnova itself is slowly beginning to destabilize, through means that poorly-documented outside research cannot explain. No one yet knows what that exactly means when Thirnova itself is so anomalous, and few races yet see a need to understand it either, when Thirnova itself provides almost nothing to the galactic scene. The Thirnovans themselves have already begun an almost desperate attempt to become relevant in the galactic sphere, if only to garner enough power to save their strange homeworld.

(- May all words be read under palest of light.)

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