Meteos (NDS) - Time War Mode (all 4 challenges cleared)

Meteos (NDS) - Time War Mode (all 4 challenges cleared)

A video of all four Time War modes, from Meteos

Time War is a mode present in Meteos, and somewhat present in Meteos Wars.


Time War is a special mode that allows the player to test their skills within a predetermined set of rules, requiring the player to either...

  • Score as many points as possible within a period of time, OR
  • Launch a set amount of Meteos off of the screen as quickly as possible.

Meteos (DS)Edit

The original Meteos had four sets of rules to choose from. Each one (besides the 2:00 Time War on Geolyte) used a slightly different Meteos lineup for the planet used. These changes will be noted.

Time War rules are sorted into two categories; Time War and Meteo War.

Time WarEdit

Time Wars are judged by how many points were earned in the given time frame. The mode ends when time runs out, but can be ended prematurely by suffering a Planet Nova.

2:00 Time WarEdit

Planet Used; Geolyte
Possible Prizes; None.
Planet Changes; None.

5:00 Time WarEdit

Planet Used; Layazero
Possible Prizes; Smoke Screen, if record exceeds 100,000 points.
Planet Changes; Iron Meteos are replaced with Zoo.

Meteo WarEdit

Meteo Wars are judged by how fast the amount of Meteos specified was launched. Just like Time Wars, the mode can be ended prematurely by suffering a Planet Nova.

100 Meteo WarEdit

Planet Used; Firim
Possible Prizes; 100 Air, Fire, H20, and Soil Meteos, if the Meteo War is completed in less than 10 seconds.
Planet Changes; Air Meteos are replaced with Herb

1,000 Meteo WarEdit

Planet Used; Hevendor
Possible Prizes; Layazero's Sound Set, if the Meteo War is completed in less than 3 minutes.
Planet Changes; Only 10 columns, Fire and Zap removed, Herb added.

Meteos WarsEdit

Meteos Wars featured a simplified system of Time Wars. It contains three sets of rules (namely 1-Minute Attack, 100-Meteo Attack, and Challenge Attack) that can be applied to any planet the player has unlocked.

Though 1-Minute Attack and 100-Meteo Attack are both more proper versions of Time War, Challenge Attack is presented as endless. However, it is sometimes considered a normal Time War (and is treated as such on this wiki) instead of an endless mode, due to it ending at 99 minutes.