Onlookers may remark this planet's bizarre shape. Unknown aliens have been spotted here, but they're shrouded in mystery.
Meteos Wars Planet Description
Nbg40 unknown
An Unknown
Planetary Traits
Alternate Names Unknown (WW)
Diameter  ???
Music N/A
Planet Impact  ???
Planetary Grouping N/A
Inhabitant Traits
Population  ???
Size (Height)  ???
Unknown is a planet, for lack of a better term, introduced in Meteos Wars.

Planetary Data Edit

Unknown is a perfectly spherical grey planet with a question mark etched into it. It is of unknown size.

Inhabitants Edit

The Unknown are a bizarre race of deep aqua creatures, with small bodies and large, curly heads, not unlike a question mark. Nothing else is known about these elusive creatures.

Meteos Wars Data Edit

Unknown is not actually an unlockable planet; it is used as a placeholder for the fifth planet in Mission Mode. Once all the planets are unlocked, it no longer appears anywhere outside the Planet Profiles menu.

Needless to say, Unknown has no specified Meteos frequencies, let alone known gravity, column count, and so on.


  • Unknown is the last planet in the Planets list in Meteos Wars.
  • Unknown is the only planet in the Meteos franchise to not actually be playable.

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