The Matamo Archive is home to a large database of Meteos related information, and that's good. We have articles on things that no longer exist, rare(ish) items realting to Meteos, and much more.

What we don't have, however, is a clean wiki.

Metamo Ark Wiki is due for some spring cleaning. We have unused images floating around, pages that desperately need to be updated, and much more. Having a cleaned-up wiki will help with organization and make the wiki better as a whole.

Here is a list of things to do. Feel free to tackle whatever you'd like.

  • Delete needless pages. Some pages on the wiki do not serve any purpose, or are already summarized somewhere else, and thereby redundant. Delete them yourself, or request a moderator do so.
  • Planet pages need updating. Many of these pages have gone through few revisions since their creation. A list of planet pages can be found here; Category:Planets.
  • Categorize items. Loads of images do not have proper categories attached to them. Add them. If you cannot think of a category something could go into, please contact a moderator.
  • Work on Star Trip Group pages. These pages are stubby and could use some cleanup and extension. They are here; Category:Star_Trip_Groups.
  • Place videos. There are several videos needing to be placed. You can find a list here; Special:UnusedVideos.
  • General cleanup. Small typos are everywhere. Feel free to fix them if you find any.

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