It was gonna happen.

Every game faces it.

I'm making a tier list for Meteos (DS) for fun, and I'll post the results here when I'm finally finished.

Here's how it works.

  1. I will duel planets alphabetically, so Anasaze will fight Bavoom, Boggob, and so forth. Once one planet is done being focused on, I'll move onto the next.
  2. The planets will duel 10 times, on Brutally Hard with Overwhelming AI, with rules set to 2 Novas, no Items (Fox Only, Final Destination)
  3. Once a planet has fought ten times, it's win percentage is recorded.
  4. I will then move onto the next, swapping the planet I would challenge to the one I will be using (So, for example, after Anasaze vs Bavoom, with me as Anasaze, it will be Boggob vs Anasaze, with me as Boggob). This is to prevent me from becoming "used" to a planet, and just using the same tactics over and over to naturally inflate a planet's effectivness.
  5. Mirror matches will not be scored; they will be assumed as basically a 50/50 match.

Though it probably won't be 100% accurate, it should be pretty neat when it's done.

So, what do you guys think?

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