(Bear with me here, I wrote this when both tired and bored.)

Since I have absolutely nothing else to do right now, have a bunch of theories about Meteos. They aren't in any particular order, so have fun trying to find what you want. :P


  • The Suburbionites are biologically and physiologically like the Dawndusians. Aside from one being able to go for extreme periods of time without truly sleeping, their bodies appear almost exactly the same in their art.
Nbg30 colonion
Nbg09 dawnous
  • The Suburbionites are not actually ridiculously tall; that's just a suit. They average about 4.5 feet tall.
  • Suburbionites are typically augmented with cybernetics. They could have a robotic eye or arm, to name a few. One like the Suburbionite above could have a visor like Cyclops does, for example. (They usually have two eyes.)


  • Dawndusians never truly sleep, like dolphins. One half of their brain sleeps, then the other.
  • Dawndusians have three ears; two on the sides of their heads, and one on the top. They're long and floppy, looking like a mix between those on an aardvark and those on a caracal. How they're bent is determined by how the Dawndusian in question is feeling.
  • Dawndusians are cold-blooded. They live in a desert, and, judging by it being grouped with Freaze in the Hot & Chilles group, it's probably sweltering (but not uninhabitable).


  • All Lunarians wear a special suit. Aside from all the benefits of wearing a suit to live on a moon, they have to wear it, period. They don't even have proper skin, so being exposed to the elements in even the slightest can be fatal. They even need extensive preparations for living on a planet with even a smidge higher gravity.


  • Stadium robots can learn naturally. Though this is quite similar to the other machines that live in this universe, they do so at a faster rate, and can even adapt to how the people they examine behave.


  • Caviousians are quadruped, and insectlike in build. They live in a low-oxygen environment, so having an exoskeleton to protect against any sort of conditions brought on by low oxygen would help, alongside increasing survivability against being crushed by something and long falls. Being quadruped (like this; also makes pivoting to bash your (durable) head into a rock much easier.

That's all for now. Yey. :P

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