Venus is a planet found in Meteos Astro Blocks.

Meteos Astro Blocks DataEdit

Venus is the second planet encountered in Star Quest, after Earth. It is given a difficulty rating of two stars in Survival, making it the second easiest planet, beaten by Earth.

Venus, though encountering all colors of blocks in Survival, only ever encounters yellow, red, blue and purple blocks throughout Star Quest. The Cross Bomb is introduced here. Venus possesses slightly higher gravity than Earth, with most horizontal igntions between three blocks reaching the top before stoppping and slowly descending. An additional column, for a total of eight, can make managing Venus a bit more difficult.

Star Quest DataEdit

Venus has the uniform three Star Quest stages; one Shoot, one Time, and a Boss. Completing all of them will unlock Mars.

  •  Easy; Launch 75 blocks
  •  Normal; Launch 100 blocks
  •  Hard; Launch 125 blocks
  •  Easy; Launch 75 blocks in 2:00.
  •  Normal; Launch 90 blocks in 1:40.
  •  Hard; Launch 125 blocks in 1:30.



Boss Venus is the creature fought on this stage.

Boss Venus does not possess any special capabilities; it will simply throw down a row of five incinerated blocks periodically, whilst patrolling the top of the screen. The higher the difficulty is set, the more health Boss Venus will have, though the fight will remain otherwise unchanged.

Upon defeat, the player will receive a Power Crystal.

As a general rule, horizontal ignitions are far more effective against Boss Venus than vertical ones, as you will have a greater chance of hitting it, and you will be able to hit it with far more blocks at once than if you simply used vertical ignitions. The Cross Bombs that sometimes drop during the fight can also be used to damage Boss Venus, if only a slight amount (equal to hitting it with a single block). Be warned, however; incinerated blocks dropped by Boss Venus take a long time to revert, so attempt to launch them to free up space for other blocks.


  • Venus is the only planet in Meteos Astro Blocks to not use a native design initially used in Meteos (DS).
  • Venus' native design may be a reference to the Roman god Venus, which is also the god the planet is named after.