Vubblies skate among giant bubbles made by Vubble's highly viscous ocean foam. They absolutely loathe sharp things.
Meteos Planet Description
Nbg23 sabon
A Vubblie
Planetary Traits
Alternate Names Sferia (PAL),

サボン [Sabon] (JP)

Diameter 3,200km (~1,988.4 miles)
Music Natural Paradise
Planet Impact Sentinel
Planetary Grouping Bubblies
Inhabitant Traits
Population ~26,000,000,000 Vubblies
Size (Height) ~10cm (~3.9in)
Archived Interactions

Vubble is a planet found in Meteos and Meteos Wars.

Planetary Data Edit

Vubble is a fairly odd planet. Is it a relatively small one, estimated to a mere 3,200 kilometers. Vubble is an ocean planet, albeit not with normal ocean planet conventions. The surface is viscous and foamy, and the reflective or translucent properties of its liquids cause it to appear as a giant clear bubble. It is unknown if it has a solid core within the sudsy ocean.

Vubble appears as part of the Bubblies planetary group, alongside Florias and Starrii.

Inhabitants Edit

Meteos - Vubble

A depiction of an area on or above Vubble's surface, via Meteos

The inhabitants of Vubble are fairy-like in appearance, with a disembodied head, no immediately visible eyes, and possessing small wings and tails. They are capable of creating bubbles from gaps that may open on their heads. The Vubblies are carefree, and skate along the oceans of their planet to pass time. Presumably sharing some property of the bubbles they are capable of producing, they loathe any sharp objects.

Meteos Data Edit


The design of the Meteos on Vubble, shared with Megadom.

Unlocking Edit

Vubble can be unlocked by fusing together 2500 Air, 3000 H20, 80 Glow, and 1 Time Meteos. Its Sound Set, Natural Paradise, may be fused with 700 H20 Meteos.

Meteos Encounters Edit

In the original Meteos game, Vubble possesses an enormous attraction for H20 Meteos, being the dominant Meteo that will fall to the planet. On a much lesser scale, Air, Iron, Zap, and Glow Meteos may also fall onto Vubble. Possessing 8 columns, Vubble also has a fairly unique trait in its ignitions of Meteos. Horizontal ignitions are quite powerful, and float fairly slowly back down. However, any and all vertical ignitions will possess no power whatsoever, not moving an inch from where they started vertically. Thus, when high on Burnt Meteos, and only vertical matches are obtainable, the outlook may look grim.

Meteos Wars Data Edit

Vubble made it's second appearance in Meteos Wars, as part of Downloadable Content, as part of the Planet Pack.

Vubble experienced truly massive frequencies of H20 Meteos, with the frequency being about 63%, followed by far lower, equal amounts of AirZap and Iron, and trace amounts of Glow. With this, it can be easily said that Vubble received an overall buff from Meteos (DS).  Boasting one of the highest frequencies of any planet in Meteos Wars makes forming ignitions a breeze, but remain careful of making a vertical ignition, as these, like last time, usually provide no thrust at all. Combined with it's new Planet ImpactSentinel, Vubble now has the capacity to bury most other planets through careful Step Jump usage, fast play, and good use of Sentinel.


  • Just as "Vubble" is derived from the word "bubble", サボン is likewise derived from シャボン玉 (soap bubble).
  • Surprisingly, vertical ignitions can get off the ground, if only a small amount, by starting a secondary vertical ignition on top of it, but it very difficult to pull off, and is only useful if the column is stuck on the side of the screen.

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