Greetings, reader. Welcome to the Metamo Archives. This is a special document written by the Head of the Archives and his associates as a guide to the wide variety of alien races found throughout our area of the galaxy. It details the general measurements of each race (with variables, most races aren't each one and the same for each member), their attributes, temperaments (again, not every member is the exact same, there will be differences), and other tidbits to serve as a synopsis for their culture. It also includes new races never seen before until just recently, with more being added every now and again.

Nbg01 geolite GeolytesEdit

Standing at 90 cm, the Geolytes are an average size in comparison to the wildly varying races inhabiting the galaxy. Normally a deep sky blue, they tend not to vary much in color. They possess the standard body type: two legs, two arms, an upright posture, and a head on top. Their heads sport two horn-like structures on the sides, and they are capable of moving these structures to some degree, mostly dependant upon their moods. Geolytes are found in two sexes, male and female.

Seen as the average jack of all trades, the Geolytes have found themselves to be a generally easygoing race. Their civilization is ran by a council formed by representatives of each main continent, with a special elected member representing their planet in galactic affairs. Geolytian culture is variable, with various small fragment cultures in place, but thankfully generally peaceful with each other. The general belief amounts to "while all our races may be radically different in appearance, temperament, and such, we can all coexist in peace as long as we strive for it." Their history is fraught with long periods of peace, with little war.

Nbg04 firem FirimesEdit

Nbg03 oreana OleaneansEdit

Nbg02 anasaze AnasazeansEdit

Nbg07 grannest Grannestian RobotsEdit

Nbg10 megadome MegadomersEdit

Nbg13 layerzero LayazeroesEdit

Nbg26 florias FloriasiansEdit

Nbg05 freezam FreazersEdit

Nbg06 jagombo BoggobiansEdit

Nbg16 gelgel JeljelliansEdit

Nbg14 byuboom BavoomiansEdit

Nbg11 meks MekkiansEdit

Nbg23 sabon VubbliesEdit

Nbg08 heavensdoor The Seven SagesEdit

Nbg17 gravitor GravitasesEdit

Nbg09 dawnous DawndusiansEdit

Nbg21 hugy YoojicsEdit

Nbg30 colonion SuburbionitesEdit

Nbg27 thirdnova ThirnovansEdit

Nbg24 rustal LastaralsEdit

Nbg28 cavious CaviousiansEdit

Nbg12 gigantgash GigagushersEdit

Nbg18 bubitt BrabbitersEdit

Nbg19 wirelon WiralonsEdit

Nbg31 starlia StarriingsEdit

Nbg15 faulte FortersEdit

Nbg20 lunaluna Luna=LunariansEdit

Nbg25 arnima GlobinitesEdit

Nbg29 udo WuuditesEdit

Nbg22 heatheads HottedsEdit

Nbg32 lumios LumiousiansEdit

Nbg34 arod ArodiansEdit

Nbg33 limotube LimotubiansEdit

Nbg35 dijeh DejehriansEdit

Nbg36 darthvega DarthvegansEdit

Nbg37 hanifula HanihulansEdit

Nbg38 gelyer GelyernsEdit

Nbg39 ranbarumba RanbarumbansEdit

Stadiumnative StadiitesEdit

SYGLESS SyglessitesEdit

AerolithosNative AerolithiansEdit

Fremen Arrakeron's FrejynksEdit

Cryozonic CryozonicsEdit

Draydra inhabitant DraydransEdit

Dymoni DymoniiEdit

Glitra alien GlitranansEdit

At variable sizes, the Glitranans are beings made from an unknown gas that is highly reflective. Being a neon green gas collage in the form of a body, they do not possess a defining trait to identifying their body parts, save for a luminous yellow eye in the middle of the gas body. They are capable of harnessing the reflective proprieties of their body to scare anything that might put them in a frightened state. Glitranans have no identifiable sex types.

They found out about all the other races after the Meteo attack. Considered adepts of quick diplomacy, speedily they've made an alliance with Thirnova and Brabbit. Their civilization is a minarchy, with a small government deciding factors about them. Glitranan culture is a mystery still, with much information missing due to how it's impossible to capture them reliably in video with our technology, although their fondness for weirdness in music is unparalleled. Their history is filled with peaceful times before the Meteo attack.

Otholian-0 OtholiansEdit

Pantanuvosaalien Pantalans & NuvosiansEdit

Reogea alien ReogeansEdit

Standing 10 meters tall, the Reogeans are beings known for their sense of loyalty and duty. Their bodies have two bulky arms, and a bulky body, used for combat if need be, or pacification. They possess four horns that are said to be always in tune with the king and his court. They are capable of shutting down any riot swiftly with their technology, and if need be, even sacrifice themselves in the midst of battle. Reogeans are found in two sexes, male and female, with the only (and considerably minor) difference being the color of their gems for sex identification.

After seeing the aftermath on Hotted in the midst of the Meteo attack, they've equipped themselves with powerful telekinesis lasers to move the Meteos around easily. Some even rebuilt their houses with the Meteos ore found in Hotted. Their civilization is a police state monarchy, with the King ruling all with an iron fist. Traitorous Reogeans are sent to Hotted for many reasons, most notably if they're rebelling. Reogean culture is very refined if you're part of the nobility, with fast access to the latest gramodisk with Arodian music being played incessantly in your house. Their history, since time in memoriam, is known for their King's rule.

Rypyr inhabitant RypyrsEdit

Syllikan SyllikansEdit

At variable sizes ranging from 30 centimeters to 2 meters tall, the Syllikans have adapted to their planet's silicon arid climate. They are somewhat terrestrial and bulky, and they loathe the idea of entering their planet's oceans, fearing they will sink and die. Their bodies are comprised of three appendages that they can use as arms or legs, depending on the occasion, and a big head with a single orange eye. Syllikans are found in two sexes, male and female, but there's no distinction visually.

Their planet, a silicon terrestrial giant floating in space, is home to many predators and unsafe climate. The inhabitants however, to shield themselves from all this, have carved out cities inside the mountains for protection. Their government is somewhat unclear, with a mixture of an tribal society with some democracy, yet they are very technologically advanced. Syllikan culture revolves around helping others and being hospitable to visitors. Their history is riddled with ecological wars with the local fauna, for survival of the species.

Starlite alien StarlitiansEdit

At exactly 1 meter tall, the Starlitians closely resemble cards from a deck. They are very thin, yet they pack a punch if need be. Their bodies are composed of a sentient sheet of paper with various symbols in the front, usually denoting their ranking, with some having elaborate depictions of Kings and Queens from the universe. Starlitians are found in two sexes, male and female, differentiated by the color of the symbols, hands and feet.

Their planet, a metallic ring around a featureless glowy rocky planet, is full of casinos, gambling stations, and more. Their government is non-existent, but there are still some laws in place for the planet, notably that you can't run off with cheating at the jackpot machines and other casino places. Starlitian culture revolves entirely around gambling and making money, so the most frequent visitor to the planet are the Dejehrians which fund the planet with illegal credits.

Tekklang alien TekklangsEdit

At around 1 meter and 80 centimeters tall, the Tekklangs have built themselves a fine body that can sustain most major forms of damage. Once organic beings, they have robotized themselves to be able to do just about any job flawlessly. Their bodies are comprised of a conical torso with no legs, with many functions, a rectangular box head with a screen that shows their emotions, and two floating orbs, which are equipped with many functions, the standard state being hands. Tekklangs have no sex types.

Their homeworld, once full of lush forests and abundant rivers, was transformed into an ecological wonder of an ecumenopolis, heavily armed with countermeasures to fend off the Meteos. By taking care so their city didn't cause a planet-wide ecological crisis, they've made a perfect mix between great technological advancements, and the preservation of nature. Their civilization is a democratic one, with a planet president being elected every 5 years. Tekklang culture revolves around short-lived trends, so there's not much of a base culture. Some Tekklangs like to customize their bodies with different colors that show their personality. Their history is, very simply put, peaceful.

Vynilan VynilansEdit

Xelion XelionersEdit

X alien XiansEdit

Ranging from 2 to 6 1/2 meters tall, the Xians are a strange race from an odd part of the galaxy. They, along with their home planet and much of the wild life on it, appear to be shaped like a cross-hair. Individuals of this race seemingly have a multitude of bodies under their control, each "sub-Xian" acting as a sort of extension of the overall group's consciousness, sort of like a strange sort of limb. They usually speak in their native language most of the time, requiring translation devices to understand what they are saying. However, their language, which has been described as sounding like "Gears grinding in a well-oiled machine", does not translate perfectly into any other language, due to the species having concepts in their language that do not seem to exist in other languages.