Only machines move across this ravaged planet's surface. The Wiralons all moved into the lobes of an electro-brain.
Meteos Planet Description
Nbg19 wirelon
A Wiralon
Planetary Traits
Alternate Names ワイヤロン [Wirelon] (JP)
Diameter 1,500km (982 miles)
Music Speed Of Magic
Planet Impact Tempest
Planetary Grouping Electric Nymphs
Inhabitant Traits
Population ~3,000,000,000 Wiralons
Size (Height) Variable
Archived Interactions
Wiral is a planet found in Meteos, Meteos Online, and Meteos Wars.

Planetary Data Edit

Wiral is a reflective, silver planet with a visibly bumpy surface. The surface is covered in machines and towers, though these aren't visible from the atmosphere. The inner workings of the planet are unknown, as only the Wiralons are capable of entering it. The planet itself is sometimes described as an "electro-brain," likely due to its visually lobed surface.

Wiral is found in the Electric Nymphs group in Star Trip's Multi route, appearing alongside Mekks.

Inhabitants Edit

  • A depiction of the electrified surface of Wiral, via Meteos
  • Another depiction of the surface of Wiral, from Meteos Online.
The Wiralons are a race of what appear to be sapient machines. They are of a triangular shape, and seem to have the ability to turn into electricity. They don't actually have a set size, being one of the few races with their average height being unknown. Like their planet, the inner workings of a Wiralon are unknown.

Meteos Data Edit


The design of the Meteos on Wiral, which is shared with Mekks.

Unlocking Edit

To unlock Wiral, the player must fuse 500 Iron, 2,000 Zap, 50 Glow, and 1 Time Meteos. It's Sound Set, Speed Of Magic, can be fused for 100 Glow Meteos.

Meteos Encounters Edit

In the original Meteos, Wiral had a significant Zap Meteo rate, followed by small amounts of H20. Iron, and Herb Meteos, and trace amounts of Dark Meteos. Wiral has somewhat low gravity, but also has, for the first launch, practically no launch power. However, launch power quickly builds up, with a five launch chain usually being enough to clear the screen, if the ignitions stretch across it's 9 column wide grid. Being one of Meteos' fastest planets, it is suitable for advanced to expert users, who can enjoy Wirals' quick-and-easy (usually) screen clears, with a good amount of practice.

Meteos Online/Wars Data Edit


Wirral's Meteos design, from Meteos Online

Meteos Online data currently unavailable. Please come back later.

Wiral was also present in Meteos Wars as Downloadable Content, in the Planet Pack. Wiral, strangely enough, is the only planet to be left completely unchanged, Sound Set and Meteos frequencies included (aside from being made, naturally, a bit slower, to complement the controller), being unique in this regard.


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